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In Japan

The moon went to a

Moon-gazing party.

All she had to do

Was glide & preen

Like a mirror;

Then chill still as fish-egg.

In the cocoon-skin house

Tea was served,

And sliced persimmon

Thin as glass.

Then people slippered out

The paper door

To stand in the glistening waterfall

Of our desert moon.

People […]

More About the Moon

The moon is shy but bold,

The moon’s made of ground goblins,

The moon is a mirror.

The moon doesn’t belong to me,

The moon is a Frisbee,

Is a scoop of lily ice cream.

The moon cried louder than cats do,

I heard it and came running,

But then I could not look.

I […]

A Summer Day in Northern California, 1919

A Summer Day in Northern California, 1919

Two-year-old Virginia is missing

Her parents look throughout the tidy

Wooden house

Where yellow curtains glow

They go outside and peer

In the shady woods

Where a brook chuckles a sudden secret

And small shy forest mammals

Are gone to earth

Among the violets like watching […]

Seven Poems from Europe with Pix

In a Purple Greeting Card for Nisarg

Which has on it a painting of a full moon blobbily luminous behind the branches of the huge tree which borders the courtyard of the pyramids in the commune in Poona

(What is life but a pyramid

Near which is a plaza

Where one […]

Mom and Brother Write Poems, Too!

Mom (age 91) recited this while we sat in the HomeTown Buffet in Eugene, Oregon with our piled plates in front of us: Little Miss Muffet Went to HomeTown Buffet And was eating her dinner one day Along came a spider And sat down beside her But Miss Muffet’s size And her piggy little eyes […]

Even in Kansas: Chakra Journey

I kneel behind him

Pick up my hair, half per hand

And wrap it around

His worked-out, pork-fed middle

And there’s hair left over still to bend

We pull the light in from the music

Even in Kansas

I wander with my wrinkled-fairy body

Up and down his muted tones of muscle

Even […]

Under Snow

It’s good for things to lie down

Under snow

Under snow

We too will have to be

Tucked under

Black-armed under

Into the gap, and gap


A man old enough for wisdom

Though few do know

Breathes through tooth-holes

Laughing at his losses

(Though, unlike this Earth –

Does he […]

I Was Boy Crazy

I was boy crazy for forty years

All I wanted was the flayed whale

Its huge red flesh

And the senseless drumbeat

Which would beget no kid.

Then one morning I woke up

And both the thorn and the rose

Had lost meaning.

One morning I woke up

To find I’d been stitched […]

Contemplations at Evening in a Missouri Supermarket Parking Lot

They’re paired up

Coupled up

All over the land

Man slid in woman

Woman in man

Mostly they’re chunky

Heavy with fat

But the flesh it is humming

Murmurous in that

Lying down gently

All over the land

Man lies in woman

Woman in man

In shifting sheets sighing