Groups & sessions

Tarot Reading

I hover my hand over the cards chosen for specific issues. The card shows me pictures, feelings, knowings. This can also be done via phone; either you choose cards on your end and I pick the same ones and read them on my end (Zen Tarot deck) or I choose cards for you.

Human Design

Uncannily accurate rocket-science astrology, with chakras and I Ching thrown in. It has eased my life so much, I like to bring it in with any sort of session; so I always request birth time from a client so I can run a chart. Human Design is about living your uniqueness; about not trying to be somebody else; about letting go of what you’re not and celebrating what you are. Most people feel a huge sense of relief when they’ve had their first reading. I’ve been feeling relieved ever since my first one in 1996.

Couple’s Charts

Human Design is fantastic for looking at the troubles and joys couples get into. It can help bring much-needed distance from a tangle, and promotes healthy individuality and understanding. By recognizing how someone is different from you, you can give them space to be themselves – and being oneself is the essence of peace! This is also great for vetting prospective suitors; though we aren’t trying for any sort of perfection in the search for a lover; just awareness. Entering into a relating as yourself is the most important thing.

Generator Session

A particular way of working with Generators (A type in HD.) This session is gentle and yet right to the point: how does one make decisions from one’s true nature? You will experience this decision-making for yourself.

The Corral

This session helps cut through the pain in difficult relatings with people living or gone. You will find what your Higher Self sees about these gnarls…and much sorting and healing occurs.

The Secret Garden

You are guided, in light, conscious trance, into your own inner garden, where you meet a Wise One.

Learning to Self-Heal (series)

In a relaxed space, lying down, you’ll be guided through the steps of my Self-Healing method, so that you become familiar with how to get there. This is an invaluable method for so many situations and difficulties. In fact, I can call it miraculous; so effective is it.

This is a series; alternating 40-minute Theory sessions with Self-Healing practice sessions of about 1 ½ hours. There are a total of 14 sessions in the series.

You will need a scarf or blindfold, 2 small pillows, a towel to roll for under your neck, a shawl or blanket, and a very comfy place to recline where you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

Guardian of the Threshold

Painting and dialoguing – to discover and dissolve what is in the way between you and yourself. You will need to have painting supplies ready.

Distance Healing (via e-mail rather than Skype)

I tune in to you (or someone else you would like to have a healing for, with their permission) at a distance; my hand is on my belly, which is glowing then…And wherever you are, I ask the Guides to do the healing. I observe…and later I type up what has occurred and send it to you. This works at a soul-level – is mysterious – yet strangely apt. Quite a journey – I just watch in awe. I hear good reports…and can myself only be amazed.

Further information and fees

Contact me at, or through Facebook.

I live in England so session times must be adjusted for time zones. I will also need a photo of you before the session if possible.