Velvet Trousers with Crown

A poem from Madhuri’s most recent book, To Hills and Waterfalls: a Californian in Calderdale.

At TJ Maxx in Kansas City
I bought a pair of black velvet
with a crown picked out in rhinestones
on the right thigh.
An excellent, well-fitting pair of trews —

Later on I wore them
in a 5Rhythms group in Switzerland
where we were supposed to contact
a variety of emotions.
Some people laughed
and pointed meanly
at the crown.

The Brits don’t care —
You can wear anything here —

But it did remind me:
I read a memoir
by a former secretary
of Prince Charles,
before he married his consort.
Apparently the Prince received
many letters
every week
from lonely women proposing marriage.
They even informed him
what school they’d send the kids to.

The bulk of these letters
were from the Midwest of America.

Perhaps I should be glad
that it’s so cold here
there’s usually a sweater
that crown?

From To Hills and Waterfalls: a Californian in Calderdale