Moon Night and Day

This article was written by Madhuri for, and posted on, Osho News.

There is nothing the moon is not –
Silvered back of the mirror,
Mercury and Venus combined.
She is my bottom
I am hers.
She is fat lips –
a pie, a shallow grave –
There is nothing she will deny you
if you wait
still or lively; if you apply yourself
by doing nothing.
She is the original denier of all
but tides –
Fat or thin, she flirts with you
yet delivers dryness
unless your own heart is wet.
She is anything in the phone book
yet resists all lettering
on her white page.
Night or day, she calls down the changes
and if we watch her
we will be trod by wise feet
as if we were white grapes;
trodden on as if we too
were semi-weightless ground.

Image: ‘Fulfilment’ by Amiten