Chakra journey

This article was firs posted on Osho News.

This is one of the most effective partner meditations I have ever done – and I’ve done a lot. What do I mean by effective? The meditation invokes intimacy, depth, relaxation, wisdom, mystery, tenderness, a feeling of safety for both parties, and a kind of wholeness – all without words, of classic sexual activity, or doing anything the least bit fiddly or strenuous. I learnt it in the Tantra group in the Mystery School in Poona, and it has been a delight ever since.

The technique is based on the chakra polarities Osho spoke of in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

The man’s First chakra, the root or sex chakra, is a positive, or outgoing, electrical energy pole, while the woman’s is negative, or receptive.

At the Second, feeling chakra, just below the navel, these poles are reversed: woman is positive/outgoing, man negative/receptive (and vulnerable, sensitive, private – just like the woman is in her First.)

At the Third, power chakra, at the solar plexus, we reverse again: man is positive/active, woman negative/receptive.

The Heart chakra, the Fourth, the woman is positive and outgoing, the man receptive (that’s why she sticks out there, and he doesn’t.)

Some schools say the polarity ends above the Fourth; others above the Fifth; others that it continues through the Sixth. For the purposes of this meditation, you can do it either way – I’ll explain in a minute.

At the Seventh, or Crown, all polarities are gone – there is just the Thousand Petalled Lotus, the white light.

These polarities have tremendous implications for daily life – for the human, for the couple; for their sexual life, meditation life, emotional and family life. Simply remembering that a positive chakra’s energy is robust, expansive – erectile, and possibly insensitive in some degree to the vulnerability of the partner, will help a lot – and keeping in your awareness that any receptive chakra is vulnerable, private, deep, and very likely wordless.

The positive chakras in either sex must be affirmed before intimacy can occur: the man’s First chakra, and his power, must be recognized, acknowledged, allowed to expand, and be received with love and joy; the woman’s feeling-space and heart must be received, allowed to expand, and be welcome to participate before her receptive chakras can open. (This means that a great deal of the sexual activity on this planet is actually a kind of rape, as so often the woman’s underlying emotional state, and the true state of her heart, are ignored. Thus her yoni is not truly open, and she cannot truly consent or receive.)

If any of the positive chakras are unclear, suppressed, toxic, etc. – which is I am afraid generally the case to some degree: a controlling male (power chakra trying to compensate for scared feeling chakra) or a freaking-out or bitchy female (unconscious, burdened feeling chakra, possibly compensating for a traumatized vulnerable sex or power chakra) – the other will be unwilling to receive it. It will just feel really bad.

Cathartic meditations help so much with this. And couple meditations of many sorts help bring awareness, clarity, and a summoning of the Mystery that lights up all things. Tantric techniques do tend to bring to the surface areas that need attention in ourselves – that we can then explore in our own meditation or with the other.

But, particularly for an experienced meditator, if you simply do the meditation as instructed below, so much will straighten itself out, become clear and settled; and even transcend.

One of the beauties of this technique is that it brings in essential, unpressured, time and relaxation for both partners’ receptive chakras, so that they can just be; and positive, active chakras will cool down and spread out, thus reducing pressure for everybody. This withdrawal of stress alone can be amazingly helpful.

It also brings an opportunity for a deep intimacy in parts of each person that are usually neglected; and a valuable sense of connection beyond sexual or other functioning. It’s great for young and old and everyone in between. It is best to do it with a partner you trust and are ready to go deep with.

The meditation lasts for about half an hour, but add 10 minutes onto that to allow for sharing time after. (You can also do this technique as the final, relaxing and integrating part of a longer session: for example, start with the 5-minute Heart Meditation for Couples, then move to Dolphin Dancing, Zen Walk, Goddess Gazing, Candle Gazing Dancing Watching, or any one of a great number of possibilities… then Chakra Journey.)

The Method

You will need:

  • Anugama’s track, Chakra Journey. (It’s Track 2 on the album Shamanic Dream.)
  • A nice clean bed to lie on. (I personally don’t like to use a pillow for this meditation as it seems the energy flows best without; but a small flattish one for each partner would probably be fine.)
  • Candle-light if you like it.

In a freshly-cleaned room, made beautiful with whatever candles, crystals, plants or whatever else you like, bow to each other:

“I bow to the God in you.”

“I bow to the Goddess in you.”

It’s lovely to undress each other slowly, piece by piece; but you might also don a loose robe or nightie if it’s chilly.

Then move to the bed. Lie down on your sides, facing each other. Close your eyes.

The music begins. The first piece, about 4 minutes, vibrates with the root chakra. The man places his free hand – it should be his dominant hand – on the back of the woman’s First chakra – on her behind, about where her coccyx is. She can reach around and adjust his hand’s position if necessary. Then she rests her hand back on her side.

Bodies close and touching all up and down themselves, the two lie calmly while his hand supports the back of her vulnerable chakra.

Don’t do anything. No talking, no sexual movements, no attempts to change whatever energies are going on. Just be there, eyes closed, resting and allowing whatever energies are moving, however subtly, to just be as they are.

When the music changes, it will be obvious – no need to worry if you’ll notice!

At that point, the man withdraws his hand and lays it on his side. The woman moves her hand to the back of the man’s Second chakra – i.e. on his sacrum. (He can move her hand until it feels just right, if needed; then relax his hand again.) Then just Be – both of you – while the woman’s hand supports the vulnerability of the man’s feeling chakra.

Don’t do anything! This is a very precious space… Just Be.

When the music changes, she withdraws her hand, rests it on her side. He places his right hand on the back of her solar plexus – her mid-back. She can move the hand to get it just right. Then both partners simply relax into the Third chakra music and the experience, as his positively-charged Power chakra supports her receptive one.

When the music changes again, you will be moving to the Fourth chakra – the Heart. The music is particularly beautiful here, flying away into the tenderness, bliss, and spaciousness of this vast doorway. The woman moves her hand onto the back of his heart, while he rests his hand at his side. Let go into the beautiful music and energy.

Again the music changes. He moves his hand to the back of her neck, the Fifth chakra; she relaxes her hand – or, both place a hand at the back of the other’s neck. I don’t think it really matters which….

Doing nothing, just relax into the energy.

When the music changes again, both place hand on back of the other’s head at the level of the Third Eye; and let your foreheads come together in the ‘Third Eye Kiss’. Just let go into this space – a big black blooming mind-blowing inner galaxy! – until the music changes again.

For the final chakra, the Seventh, you may both either rest your hand on the bed somewhere in the vicinity of the top of your partner’s head, but a few inches above it; but don’t put your hand squarely on top of the head. Crown chakras like to have lots of space! The music is high-pitched here. Just enjoy it and go with the gapped-out bliss!

When the track finishes, rest quietly for a bit. When you feel to, you can share with each other how the meditation was for you.

Comment: The whole meditation is a flowing, reverent progression from earth to sky, with a little dance move along the way: switching back and forth from him to her, her to him, along the spine. Whatever habits of relating you might have gotten stuck in as a couple – sex without enough foreplay, badgering the other about this and that, communications difficulties – this meditation soothes and smoothens, even as it is bridging the breach between you and showing you a much more extensive possibility for meeting than you knew that you could find.

As with any meditation, once you have begun you must see it through to the end, or invite disturbance of energy. But it is so lovely that you won’t want it to end…