About me

Madhuri Z K Akin

I’m a poet, memoirist, and an inexpert but enthusiastic artist. I’ve been a professional session-giver since 1986: Intuitive, chakra/palmreader, metaphysical healer, colour light therapist, channeller, and much more… but on this website I don’t say much about this last, as I’m semi-retired. (I do include though a section, Techniques for the Inner Work, which includes descriptions of many methods a person can try alone or with a partner.) These days I do mostly Human Design readings and a bit of Intuitive Tarot.

I’m mostly interested now in producing the many books I’ve written over the years. I live in the beautiful Pennine hills in the North of England, and walk a lot, up and down, and along the pretty canal paths and streams that run through these valleys. I love to dance, perform my poems, and hide out working on writing or art, or just kick back in the evenings, alternately reading and gazing out the window at the clouds.

Book #9, Flying Lady with Cat, has just been launched, and #10, a paean to this beautiful valley, is in the design stage.

I’ve been a meditator since 1973, and everything I do is steeped in the great luckiness of having stumbled into that path….