Balls So Cheap Fix Back and Sleep

Relaxing Back Balls

For minor back distress (for example if you lift something just that much too heavy) and to prevent it from becoming worse, I have found this of enormous value: take two tennis balls or racquet balls – depending on your size – and at first sign of back ache or weirdness, take a twenty minute break; lie down on the floor; and place the balls under you, one on either side of your spine (not on the spine, ever). Then do absolutely nothing but relax. The weight of your body will pull your muscles down and over the balls, and release everything. When you feel that one position has gotten enough attention, move the balls to another position. I find that putting them on either side of my sacral vertebrae relaxes the upper back as well… it’s amazing how such a simple thing can save you from visits to the chiropractor, and worse. In fact, this tip is from a chiropractor.

Racquet balls cost about $4 for a dozen and tennis balls aren’t much more. What a bargain! Put two each in pretty little baskets and give them to just the right people for birthdays or Christmas, as I did one year. One of the most useful self-help methods I’ve ever found… nice to pass around!

Buzzy Legs and Dryer Balls

In the wee hours if you wake up with jerky legs or just general restlessness, try this: keep in your bedside stand a pair of those plastic spiny balls you can use in the dryer to make clothes fluff up (they’re maybe not so good for this as they make too much lint – taking clothes apart?). Take the balls out (still in the dark – turning on a light can make your body think it’s morning and this can interfere with getting back to sleep) and put them carefully on a rug beside your bed. Then place your feet on them – one per ball. Now, roll your feet back and forth over the spiny bits for about two minutes, with medium pressure (socks are good.) This releases the buzzy stuff from your legs (I had a dream that showed me how meridians were enabled to let go of restless energy in this way, through the reflexology points on the soles). (Be careful as the balls can suddenly shoot out and hide under the bed – just proceed with awareness.)

You will then have to pee – the kidney poles will have been stimulated – and if possible do this still in the dark – but not at risk of life and limb; if needed, have blue night lights in the hall and bathoom. So, go pee, come back, smell your lavender sachet, and go to sleep….

The balls cost anywhere from $6.99 to $15.00, depending where you get them. Try K-Mart.