3 Quick Fixes: Powerful, effective mini-techniques to help you on your way

This article was first posted in Osho News.

Shouting at the Sky

This method is amazingly strong; and should only be done when you’ve tried everything else, and feel that a certain specific blockage has been going on far too long and it’s really time for something to move.

It could be about anything – constipation! Not having enough money! A toxic relationship that won’t go away! Whatever it is, it’s best that you’ve been meditating about it already for years, and are truly ready for a massive shift. Do not use this method frivolously or out of mere greed. You need to really, really mean it.

Go out into Nature, as far from people as you can reasonably get. Then, as you stand there, look up at the sky and SHOUT VERY LOUDLY – as loudly as you possibly can – your request. Let your entire body be involved in it. Don’t hold back a particle!

Then say, “Thank you,” and bow.

That’s it. Now, here is my own observation: Something happens within you when you do this. It is impossible to lie when you shout, and you will find yourself saying what you really want to say. It is not a demand, but a notification: I’m ready!

I have only done it a few times, with, I must say, some incredible results; and I do add in my shouting a humble note: “If it is the right timing! If you think it’s a good thing to happen!” (I’m addressing the Invisibles, whoever they might be.) (Timing and results both need to be left in their hands – because after all, what do we know?)

When you proceed on your way after yelling like this, you will notice that your whole body feels different, and your whole spirit too. And your longing will feel different too; not tormenting you, but landed safe in the hands of some Other force… and who knows what will happen? You can let it go now.

(I don’t know if the change happens because the whole body faced and shouted its longing, or because of Invisibles – and I don’t worry about it! And if something does not happen – or not yet – I also don’t worry about it – I did what I could, and timing belongs to the Mystery.)

Then just wait. Over the next days/weeks… and see what comes to pass.

This one is from my friend Virendra.

It Never Happened

This is a Hawaiian first-aid technique (I got it from my sister), for when you stub your toe, bang your elbow, hit your head on something, or any other little injury. And it’s great!

Immediately return the injured limb/digit/etc to the exact position it was in when the injury occurred: head against open cupboard door, toe against bedstead, or whatever.

Say out loud: “It never happened, it never happened, it never happened.”

Then remove the hurt part from its passive assailant and tend to it in whatever way is indicated: disinfecting, bandaging, arnica creaming, Rescue Remedy, etc. These are still important – if they are needed, do them! (We need all the help we can get! And disinfecting is essential if skin has been broken!)

You will find that the hurt is strangely cancelled out: the energy has gone back in the other direction and so the pain cannot stream in the normal way. It is as if the pain is just plucked out of the atmosphere.

Expelling a Thing You Don’t Want

If you accidentally breathe in something your lungs don’t like: car exhaust, somebody’s perfume, flower-pollen you’re allergic to – or if you find you’ve eaten something not good – or if (as sometimes has happened to me) you accidentally inhale a tiny bit of water while drinking and talking at the same time – try this simple trick:

On your left hand, between the little finger and the ring finger, but up on the hand itself, find where the space between the bones meets a bony area – about 2/3 of the way between the beginning of the fingers, and the wrist. Feel about with your right middle finger until you’ve got just the point (see image above).

Then, press that point strongly, and work the right middle finger on it around a bit. Do this a few times.

You’ll find that a sense of relief comes – you’ve in some way expelled the dangerous substance energetically. It then eases in your physical body too.

This is from Kohrogi-san.

Images credit to Shane Rounce and Matthew Moloney on unsplash.com and to the author