Why I’ve Not Been Writing Here

It just seems too much of a muchness to keep up with blog, FB, e-mails, and my writing too. I’ve recently come out with a new book of poetry, More About the Moon, of which I’m very proud! it’s gotten great reviews. For more info go to my website, www.madhurijewel.com and click on Books.

I’m also hanging out my shingle to help other people work on their books – as i keep being sent them, and it’s much better to do the corrections before publication than after! So I call it Pre-views. Then, I’m open to doing book reviews as well.

I’ve also been in a loooong health crisis – periodontal – doesn’t sound too bad but it was! Wonderful to be better and reveling in the summer in England – all the flowers! Absurdly sunny for months now…

Just got back from Festival of Sound and Silence in Corfu, where i did an open mic event and enjoyed hanging out with Nisarg and other friends. But it’s toooo sunny there – and mozzie-ful –

I’ve taken so many pics these last months, and many end up on FB. Stories I write end up, often, on Oshonewsonline instead of being posted here.

See you on FB! If you want a session, I’ve now corrected the e-mail address which somehow ended up being wrong – since god knows how long. I’ve avoided coming here to the blog because of the simple irritation of digging out the pw – inexcusable, I know – but…now I’ve done it.