New Short Stories

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve created a new category here to share my new short stories.

I hadn’t written fiction since my teens – memoir seemed more than enough. But when my life took off into great uncertainty last year when I lost job and house at once…I had to learn to go with the wind, where the wind wanted to take me.

Because of that, a new way of writing was freed up (completely to my surprise.) I discovered that I don’t need to know the plot ahead of time. In fact, much better i don’t. A scene appears to me, i write it, and go do something else. Later another scene appears. And so on. Completely free-wheeling.

And then, mysteriously, the disparate elements find their way to each other…somehow.

This is so much fun.

So I am proud to present…Tales the Wind Wove. Look under Short Stories.

And, somebody on FB insisted I should put a paypal button up too. It’s under Tips Jar.

Thank you…..