My New Book

I am sooo pleased to announce that nearly six years of work has culminated in the recent release of my new book, Love at Dancing Leaves: a Tantra Memoir.

I have a feeling of deep completion, and yet of new beginnings.

I’ve poured so much of myself into this project for so long – and perhaps I hope too much for this book: to get wings, to fly far – and to take me with it. The book is not only what it is – a thing, a life unto itself, imbued with all the love, joy, confusion, consternation, ecstasy, and colors of my life as a meditator – a meditator with a Man – but it also, for me, carries my longing to go again into the wider world, to dance and talk and travel and fly there – at least sometimes, at least a lot. To run from the Flatlands, and come home only to ease myself into my joyful domesticity in all its astonishing comfort…until it is time to go again.

Better yet, I would love for this book (or something!) to open the space for me and the man to wander – I cannot see just how -.

But this is all perhaps unfair to the book – too much of a burden for it to carry. It needs its wings- and must fly light – as light as 505 pages can get when I (with my fifteen pairs of shoes taken along on any trip) have written them; freighted as they are with a cat, a house, some journeys, some recipes, several poems, some drawings, and looots of meditations – not to mention childhood stories and folksy, bewildered vignettes of Midwestern life.

The book is listed on There are a few reviews there too.

I sent out a lot of freebies, which was a really yummy thing to do – I was so happy to share it with those people to whom it went. I entered a contest for independent publications. I completely bankrupted myself in all this – postage for one book alone to Scotland was $17.83, and lots of books went overseas. But I don’t care – one can be bankrupted in love, and it feels like riches. I do hope anybody buys it, and I’m terrified they won’t – but I am just so glad I had the opprtunity to finish the book and send it where I sent it. Yaaaaay!!!

It’s a good book – it tells how a human woman can bring Light – awareness – to the best of her poor abilities, into the gnarls of Love – romance. How she tried; and what happened. It denies the Hollywood version – that heat equals love; that heat lasts forever (which everybody knows is nonsense anyway.) It describes what one woman did instead.

The book makes me vulnerable in ways I am shy about; and yet my reporterly nature just had to describe those too. It reveals things about femininity via a vis Tantra I have never read in a memoir – though such might exist, somewhere. My Wizard – a Great chiropractor in Kansas City with special powers, it seems – insists I am protected. I hope so – for I am fiercely shy in certain regards. I think all women must be.

I invite you, if your sensitivity is soft and your eyes receptive, to have a look at the work…but it is a temple too; so please, before going in – take off your shoes and leave them at the door.

Thank you