More About the Moon

The moon is shy but bold,

The moon’s made of ground goblins,

The moon is a mirror.

The moon doesn’t belong to me,

The moon is a Frisbee,

Is a scoop of lily ice cream.

The moon cried louder than cats do,

I heard it and came running,

But then I could not look.

I had to turn my face away,

The moon’s too Zen for bearing,

The moon is a rock garden.

The moon’s too cold a pillow

To rest my face upon.

The moon spoke again harshly,

I said I wanted comfort,

The moon then hit me broadside,

Coming down the street.

The moon’s my dancing partner,

The moon’s a blasted rotter

I never should have loved.

The moon’s a pregnant belly,

The moon’s a twining pretzel,

The moon’s my huggy darling,

The moon’s a brazen thief.

I paid her what I owed her ,

She still came back for more.

I told her I was busy,

She banged my head

Through the window,

The moon’s a breast to feed us,

She’s flowing coconut water,

The moon’s a flat fine dance floor,

Don’t stand against the wall.

The moon’s a ball

And we all are invited.