Green Lentil and Cabbage with Pasta and Tabasco

The Swiss chalet where I was staying has a beautiful kitchen, but I didn’t want to lay in a lot of supplies, as I was just there for a few weeks before taking off to Holland. Too, shopping involved dragging a rolling caddy up very steep hills – an opportunity for breathing fresh air I greatly relished; but still. Somehow though, nearly everything I concocted to eat there came out great. Here’s one somewhat unlikely-seeming recipe which is nevertheless really good – and very filling and warming, with pleasing textures:

Chop a large onion and put it in a heavy-bottomed pot. Add about 1 1/2 cups green lentils and enough water to more than cover. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and cook until lentils begin to feel tender. Thinly slice half a head of green cabbage and add with some more water. Cook until cabbage and lentils are both tender. You want the consistency of a thick stew.

Now add: some red pepper flakes – just a few; some paprika, some Herbes de Provence; 1 tsp curry powder (not more), and a half tsp. of cinnamon. Salt and pepper to taste; also a big dash of Tamari. Stir it up.

Serve hot over large shell pasta, and top with: freshly grated parmesan, a dash of Tamari, a goodly drizzle of olive oil, and – very important – Tabasco to taste.