How Clinging Happens

And never sacrifice; for if you sacrifice you cannot forgive and you cannot forget.


Freedom makes even love beautiful.


I am not talking here about the natural clinging of the infant to its mother; primate babies, including humans, have a powerful grip designed to enable them to grasp their mother’s fur. I think […]

Bras and Bread

Ok, this is a big fat rant, about two things almost impossible to find in this consuming-mad, insectoidally-voracious, provide-anything-whatsoever-and-somebody-will-buy-it world. I’ll start with the bread, ha ha, and work up to the bras, though it just sounded better to put the latter first in the title. Ha ha. (I’m full of impish delight this morning […]

My Musings

My Musings

We’re driving home as dusk comes up out of the air over the flattish land and turns it all inwards. Over the hills slight as breathing, from within the […]

The Inner Fascist

Every stern thing we think or say about another has its roots in our own dissatisfaction. The mirror is perfect: as outside, so inside.

What would it be like if we trusted other people enough to let them go? By ‘trust’ I don’t mean ‘approve of’ or ‘Oh, I know they won’t do me some […]

Death by Poetry

As I wrote in my last post, Suppose There is No Armageddon, I threatened my teenaged niece with the specter of reading the aforementioned poem to her if she continued telling me about apocalyptic dooms a-coming.

This got me thinking… and by evening I was guffawing, all by myself, with the notion of poetry as […]

Suppose There Is No Armageddon

This poem visited me insistently over a period of weeks, demanding that I write down the stanzas even in the middle of the night, in the dark, on a pad I kept on my bedside stand.

I had become fed up with cries of doom I’d been hearing from many directions – so many; you’ve […]

Five Human Nourishments

You know how when you’re hiking and you come over a rise and see below you a lake – as flat as gravity can make it, blue-lit by the sky; edges fringed with summer-leaved trees? And the very waterness of it, its placidity, the surprise: and something in you relaxes in recognition and is thrilled, […]

The Town Center

Sunday Soapbox: The Town Center

Every town needs a center, a central square, a plaza – just as all old towns used to have, and in many parts of the world still do.

Just as every person needs a center, and every atom has a center. Towns without centers make the inhabitants sort […]


I’m visiting Santa Cruz just now and my conclusion is this: the thing wrong with America, weird human consciousness notwithstanding, can be expressed in one word: cars. If there weren’t any, all these people would be milling about still, but that would feel cozy rather than threatening – because they wouldn’t be accompanied by and […]