How Clinging Happens

And never sacrifice; for if you sacrifice you cannot forgive and you cannot forget.


Freedom makes even love beautiful.


I am not talking here about the natural clinging of the infant to its mother; primate babies, including humans, have a powerful grip designed to enable them to grasp their mother’s fur. I think […]

Exploding Toilet

My father loved fireworks. My brothers tell me that before I came along, he would, each Fourth of July, take a babies’ bathtub out on the crabgrassy front lawn and fill it with water from the hose. Then he’d put into it a thing from his lab: sodium metal, a highly toxic, explosive-in-water substance. The […]

Even in Kansas: Chakra Journey

I kneel behind him

Pick up my hair, half per hand

And wrap it around

His worked-out, pork-fed middle

And there’s hair left over still to bend

We pull the light in from the music

Even in Kansas

I wander with my wrinkled-fairy body

Up and down his muted tones of muscle

Even […]

I Was Boy Crazy

I was boy crazy for forty years

All I wanted was the flayed whale

Its huge red flesh

And the senseless drumbeat

Which would beget no kid.

Then one morning I woke up

And both the thorn and the rose

Had lost meaning.

One morning I woke up

To find I’d been stitched […]