Why I’ve Not Been Writing Here

It just seems too much of a muchness to keep up with blog, FB, e-mails, and my writing too. I’ve recently come out with a new book of poetry, More About the Moon, of which I’m very proud! it’s gotten great reviews. ¬†For more info go to my website, www.madhurijewel.com and click on Books.

I’m also hanging out my shingle to help other people work on their books – as i keep being sent them, and it’s much better to do the corrections before publication than after! So I call it Pre-views. Then, I’m open to doing book reviews as well.

I’ve also been in a loooong health crisis – periodontal – doesn’t sound too bad but it was! Wonderful to be better and reveling in the summer in England – all the flowers! Absurdly sunny for months now…

Just got back from Festival of Sound and Silence in Corfu, where i did an open mic event and enjoyed hanging out with Nisarg and other friends. But it’s toooo sunny there – and mozzie-ful –

I’ve taken so many pics these last months, and many end up on FB. ¬†Stories I write end up, often, on Oshonewsonline instead of being posted here.

See you on FB! If you want a session, I’ve now corrected the e-mail address which somehow ended up being wrong – since god knows how long. I’ve avoided coming here to the blog because of the simple irritation of digging out the pw – inexcusable, I know – but…now I’ve done it.

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