James Dean’s Mother

James Dean’s Mother

I found a bio of James Dean at a garage sale for a quarter. When I travel I like to take incidental-looking little paperbacks, old or thin or otherwise disposable-looking; then I can discard them when I’m done, or, if they turn out to be good, give them away to friends I’m […]

Even in Kansas: Chakra Journey

I kneel behind him

Pick up my hair, half per hand

And wrap it around

His worked-out, pork-fed middle

And there’s hair left over still to bend

We pull the light in from the music

Even in Kansas

I wander with my wrinkled-fairy body

Up and down his muted tones of muscle

Even […]

A Particular Silence

One evening two thousand of us sat with folded legs on cushions in a vast oval hall with a marble floor and walls of mosquito netting. High overhead arched a roof made of tough fabric supported by metal beams. The tropic darkness clung closely to the structure, but we sat in soft light from suspended […]