The Poona Poems.

by Madhuri

A selection of poems written during a 30-year period during which I lived in Osho's meditation communes, in both Poona, India, and Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.. There are poems about the master-disciple dynamic; about the agonizing first months of beginning to peel the onion of the psyche; about the strangeness of a new culture, and the even-more strangeness of a brief return to San Francisco.. Later, back in Poona...poems about romantic and not-so-romantic love; about hepatitis, about daily life in a magical environment; about the monsoon, and dancing, and foolishnesses and wisdoms of various stripes.
And at the end, surviving a life-threatening health crisis brings poems of gratitude and lifting joy.

There are 156 poems and 6 pages of photographs.

Prartho Sereno, poet laureate of Marin County, California, says: "With her heart open to the sky and her ears tuned to the Mystery, Madhuri is our perfect guide for this wondrous journey in Osho's garden."





More About The Moon.

by Madhuri

While I was writing the poem Riding in the Car With My Boyfriend, in Missouri in 2009, I fell into a sort of thrall with the mirror-like quality of the moon. That white circle hanging up there could be anything...whatever we see in it, obligingly it allows. For months then I was filling up with moon poems, emptying them out on paper, filling up again. I got the idea to do a book of them. Then, going back through my archives, i discovered moons in many poems from teenage-time on. So I've brought them all together - any poem I ever wrote in which the moon is mentioned somewhere.

The moon is of course the quintessential poem-object. It is also hara-like; empty and charged with power at once. The Buddha was born, became enlightened, and left his body at the May full moon. Meditators have used the full moon's mysterious assistance for thousands, perhaps millions, of years. And Osho's birth name, Rajneesh, means Lord of the Full Moon.

The book is one hundred and ten pages and contains fifty-seven poems and a few drawings. Many of the poems are prefaced by an explanatory sentence or two, to make them more accessible. And the book is divided into sections, as my life seems to me to have been: Teenage Time, Poona One, The Ranch, Poona Two, and so on.




Love at Dancing Leaves
A Tantra Memoir

by M. K. MacCrae

What the Book is About

Madhuri, a Californian who had lived thirty years in India, was alone in Switzerland happily and in a leisurely manner recuperating from a near-death event…when she put an ad on a dating site. This is the story of what happened next.

It’s the journal of one woman’s exploration of the ancient science of Tantra. Tantra means many things: ‘technique’; bringing consciousness to love and sex; letting go into the river of life…It is a way of living, as well as of bringing consciousness to love. This book is not a how-to manual, but simply relates the author’s experience as she experiments along with her partner. It also describes a relationship in which culture differences loom large: she is a wild carefree gypsy, he a stolid Midwestern Republican. The book is rich with lively detail: recipes, poetry, clothes, childhood scenes, motorbikes, travel; as well as the intimate meditations which recur and develop throughout. Much of it takes place in a beautiful house in an oak grove. There are assays to India, Canada, Maui, Europe.

The book is funny, sad, searching, joyous. In it Madhuri employs techniques she learned in a meditation commune, for taking ultimate responsibility for oneself in a relationship: how to reclaim projections, how not to blame the other, how not to be a victim; how to grow through the inevitable difficulties. How, too, to celebrate the unknown…as well as the senses. What emptiness is for.

It is a book for women, and for men who would love them. It’s for the menopausal, the middle-aged, as well as the young who would seek a way for love beyond what is portrayed in popular culture. It’s for people who’d like creative ways to be intimate when there are physical limitations – and when there are not. It’s for poets, therapists, and therapees. It’s for amateur cooks, cat-lovers, and Indiophiles. It’s for dancers and channelers and artists and healers and wanderers, meditators and Human Design aficionados. It might even be for the guy who runs the hardware store. It’s sort of Kama Sutra meets Shopaholic meets Walt Whitman meets Prairie Home Companion. Really, it’s for anyone who would like to open up to possibilities beyond the usual.



Impassioned Cows By Moonlight

by Katy Akin

This book was published in 1974 by Red Dot Press, a division of Hanging Loose magazine in New York. I was invited to submit the manuscript for the first book-publishing venture of this long-running literary periodical.

The poems and short stories are in chronological order, beginning with one written at age 14 and ending with some from age 21. During that time I lived in Riverside, California; then Ferndale, California; then Riverside again; then traveled across the country and was taken to Europe as a dancing extra in a movie; then two years later - in 1972 - returned to San Francisco. The poems reflect these travels.

The cover is a drawing made by the Red Dot staff artist from a photo of me in costume for my part in a show by Les Nickelettes all-female theater group of San Francisco.

During those years I did many poetry readings in Southern and Northern California, as well as in London (including on BBC radio!)

The book is now out of print, but occasionally can be found on Amazon for an amazingly inflated price. There are typos in it because when the time came for me to check the galleys I had flown to India and did not return...and it was not thought practical to send the galleys to me there! I had thought that since the original was correct (as I was assured it was) the galleys would be too. This was a big mistake, from which I learnt an important lesson: always proof-read! So if anyone locates a copy I would be happy to supply the corrections by e-mail.