I Was Boy Crazy

I was boy crazy for forty years

All I wanted was the flayed whale

Its huge red flesh

And the senseless drumbeat

Which would beget no kid.


Then one morning I woke up

And both the thorn and the rose

Had lost meaning.

One morning I woke up

To find I’d been stitched back

To virginity again.


That which had flowed a full fast stream

Was now a desert mine

Alkaline and empty.

And all I cared about was words,

And making order in things,

And new places,

And fidgeting around to bring forth

Colored flowers.


I do not know which passion is the best,

For I can’t remember the old one.

I am like a little boy

Not yet interested in girls

Who looks out from a high rock ridge

Hoping to explore the world.





May ’09, Fiercegrass Hall

1 comment to I Was Boy Crazy

  • Rudra

    Really resonates with my memories
    When I was a little boy looking out
    From a high rock ridge over Canyon
    Crest yearning to explore the world.

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