Groups and Sessions

Types of Sessions

Intuitive Reading

This is incorporated in any session, or can be a session on its own. I hold the person’s hands, tune in to her. Can also be done by holding feet, or scanning chakras, or all of above. I read photographs, Kirlian photographs, x-rays. I speak, of course, about what I see and feel and hear.

Object Reading

I read any object you like, to see its history, nature, and that of those who have handled it. Can be useful to see if an object should be saved or discarded/given away.

Jewelry reading

We go through your collection of stones and jewelry. I tune in to your energy and then read each piece to see how it suits you; how it interacts with you. (Each person is individual and each stone is also individual, so the effect is always unique.) I can see if the piece needs cleaning; and then instruct you in this. For pieces with stubborn old vibes in them – say, from an ancient grumpy Auntie – I can put them through a thorough cleaning process for you. This takes several days, but the piece will be cleansed and ready for your own habitation of it henceforth!

This type of session acts as a reading for you – much emerges!

Tarot Reading

I hover my hand over the cards you have chosen for specific issues. The card shows me pictures, feelings, knowings. This can also be done via phone or Skype; either you choose cards on your end and I pick the same ones and read them on my end (Zen Tarot deck) or I choose cards for you.

Human Design

I am not an accredited reader. I have been studying for about 14 years. I’m always in awe of how much I don’t know. Human Design has eased my own life so much that I cannot resist bringing it in; I like to use this uncannily accurate rocket-science astrology as an adjunct to almost any type of group or session.

Couple’s Charts

Human design is fantastic for looking at the troubles and joys couples get into. It can help bring much-needed distance from a tangle, and promotes healthy individuality and understanding. By recognizing how someone is different from you, you can give them space to be themselves – and being oneself is the essence of peace! This is also great for vetting prospective suitors!

Generator Session

A particular way of working with Generators (A type in HD.) This session is gentle and yet right to the point: how does one make decisions from one’s true nature? You will experience this decision-making for yourself.

Couple’s HD plus Chakras

As well as looking at the charts, we’ll go into the chakras of the pair. I read them and see how they are interacting and what their struggles are. The chakras are constantly registering all that goes on with a person; as well as containing in their depths the essence of the person at the level of a particular chakra. The chart shows your blueprint; the chakra shows that plus what you have done with it in your life.

Too, there are basic principles of relating that then show themselves as relevant: How to treat oneself and the other with clear respect? Blame, projection, dumping…we’ll look at these and see how they can be understood and thus disidentified with. New ways can be found to take energy back to oneself (where it becomes, eventually, blissful) instead of bothering the other with it!

Poetry Session

I hold your hands and tune in. A poem for you comes to me, I write it down on a piece of paper; read it aloud to you, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, and give it to you. Takes about fifteen or twenty minutes all together.

Pendulum Chakra Balancing

Invented by my talented sister Sarita. This session takes about 20-30 minutes and is a method of self-healing. You lie down, I dangle pendulum above each chakra in turn. According to how the pendulum behaves we proceed further…you’ll learn what your chakras really want from you.


The Corral

This session helps cut through the pain in difficult relatings with people living or gone. You will find what your Higher Self sees about these gnarls…and much sorting and healing occurs.*

The Garden

You are guided, in light, conscious trance, into your own inner garden, where you meet a Wise One.

Past Life Journey

You are guided into whatever scenes appear from your unconscious…great for dealing with current issues. Can be profoundly healing.

Healing Journey

Here again you will be healing yourself through your discoveries in your inner world. We take an issue and use it as a way to go exploring the inner landscape. The healing resources, on whatever level, are already there – they just need to be uncovered. *

Dream Session

Bring your dream. With painting and dialoguing we can experientially decode it with ease. It will thus return to you the energy it had been keeping as symbol.

Chakra Dialogue

We use colored sheets of paper to assist in entering the chakras, dialoguing with chakras. Each has its own experience, its own opinion. Good for looking at current issues.

Seven Bodies Journey

A trance journey to explore the seven levels of the aura, corresponding to the chakras. Helpful as an overview during any healing process. **

Guardian of the Threshold

Painting and dialoguing – to discover and dissolve what is in the way between you and yourself.*

Cherokee Chakra Loop Fire Breathing

A wild, wonderful, extremely powerful method for coming totally alive. (From Leela)

Hara Burn

Intense spiritual-warrior meditation: an issue is transformed by being sent into the hara, the home of emptiness/birth/death/the eternal in one’s deep belly. (From Vibhaven.)

Voice Dialogue

Visiting the various inner voices involved in any issue and letting them have their say; also visiting the Buddha Nature. Resolves, opens out, detonates issues par excellence. (From Hal and Sidra Stone.)



I go into deep relaxation, and open the door. You ask questions and the Guides respond.


Channeling Healing

An advanced session, for the very ready and receptive. I go in trance, you ask very central questions, Guides do healing on you.

Angel Healing

I hold your feet and go inside myself and rest there in Nothing. After a while, I begin to feel your energy. I ask the Guides if they would like to give you a healing. If they say yes, they do so and I describe what I’m observing.

Color Light Therapy

I used to be a practitioner. Now I only do the treatments I enjoy doing. Intuitive reading often occurs during the time the lamp is on the point.

Nine Divine Points (on the toes.)

Nine Divine Points for Couples

Assorted ear points (for many different symptoms.)

Ear points for weight loss (this requires the ability/opportunity on the client’s part to process the released emotional material.)

Leg Detox


Function Circle Diagnosis in Pink

Back Treatment

Eye Treatment

And more….

* Also from Mahasatvaa Sarita ** Invented by Sarita and myself separately


Women’s Group

Many methods, including painting, dialoguing, drama, dance – are included for uncovering women’s strengths, receptivities, expansions, wildnesses, mysteries

Heart Chakra Group

Being with the Fourth Chakra: unconditional love, space, acceptance. Delicious and spacious! These techniques came out of the Mystery school, Poona.

Cherokee Chakra Loop Fire Breathing

A wild way to come fully alive. You will meet yourself here – and breathe right on through.


Sacred relating.


We try out many techniques for coming into one’s stillness, emptiness, center…with joy along the way!


Stretching, role-dancing, reaching further and higher – dance your way to god(dess.)


Playing with stones and intuitive reading; learning to clean stones.


Channeling for a group

I go into deep relaxation. You ask questions – each one of you. The Guides respond.


Past lives



Guardian of the Threshold

Dissolving what’s in the way of your process – in a group situation.



We make it easy for the Muse to visit. A way of playing with the music of heart and words.


Giving talks

I love this! Name your subject, and if I like it I’ll speak on it. If not, I’ll bring the subject!

Poetry reading

Koan work

Koan work cuts through the personality to come closer to the original Face. An intensive.