Even in Kansas: Chakra Journey

I kneel behind him

Pick up my hair, half per hand

And wrap it around

His worked-out, pork-fed middle

And there’s hair left over still to bend


We pull the light in from the music

Even in Kansas

I wander with my wrinkled-fairy body

Up and down his muted tones of muscle

Even in Kansas

Where the startled room says

What are you doing?

Go argue, or watch TV!

But we’re just walls

Particles of old congealments

We can’t do anything

With all this light and hair –


We lie in the flannel bed

As bodies of sound

Move up the rainbow of our centers

Even in Kansas

Upon the khaki plain

Expanding bell-ripples

Rest like owls in knot-holes

Then climb again

The cushioned steps

Gathering the light in

Above the dark half-snowy canvas

Ironed out to vastly far away



Lurching SUVs, Nov. ’07

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