New Short Stories

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve created a new category here to share my new short stories.

I hadn’t written fiction since my teens – memoir seemed more than enough. But when my life took off into great uncertainty last year when I lost job and house at once…I had to learn to go with […]

Why I’ve Not Been Writing Here

It just seems too much of a muchness to keep up with blog, FB, e-mails, and my writing too. I’ve recently come out with a new book of poetry, More About the Moon, of which I’m very proud! it’s gotten great reviews. For more info go to my website, and click on Books.

I’m […]

Joyfully in England

Sooo happy to be living in England now, helping prepare for a new Healing Centre in the North, in Hebden Bridge.


Knees and Nightshades

Nightshades are a plant genus which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants, deadly nightshade, and more. All contain some amount of a certain toxin. In India in the 90’s sometime I was told by a kinesiologist that I was allergic to all of these except eggplant. Cessation of potato-eating led to cessation of scalp exzema at […]

My Last Book

I am sooo pleased to announce that nearly six years of work has culminated in the recent release of my new book, Love at Dancing Leaves: a Tantra Memoir.

I have a feeling of deep completion, and yet of new beginnings.

I’ve poured so much of myself into this project for so long – and […]

Slug Haiku

I’m back in Missouri, sooo enjoying garden (strawberries are the most incredible thing to grow – great ground cover, and then they just start giving you this wealth of jewels, a quart of them a day! Wow!), life, house, man, life, body, meditation, life…Scotland was tops, have written about it for friends but don’t feel […]

Bengal Cat

Here’s a pic of a marvellous kitty my brother Ian and I met at the house of an old friend’s, in Sausalito. It is a leopard cat, a cross of some sort of jungly feline with house cat. A descendant of this one won a prize in Monaco and had its picture put on a […]

A Goofy Guy

One evening I stood in a huge room with about fifty other people, in our meditation Commune in Poona, India. We were all experienced, intense, dedicated seekers-after-our-own-truth.

The facilitator of the group asked us to begin walking around the room, looking at each other; we were to notice if anyone sparked judgment in us. When […]

Mom and Brother Write Poems, Too!

Mom (age 91) recited this while we sat in the HomeTown Buffet in Eugene, Oregon with our piled plates in front of us: Little Miss Muffet Went to HomeTown Buffet And was eating her dinner one day Along came a spider And sat down beside her But Miss Muffet’s size And her piggy little eyes […]

An Epiphany About Clothes

Once in the early 90’s in India I was very ill with mercury poisoning. A reckless dentist had assured me no dental dam was needed as, with a hot drill, he removed eleven amalgam fillings (I could feel the little shards of metal in my mouth) over a space of six weeks, and installed composites […]