About this particular Madhuri

My name is Madhuri – from the Sanskrit for “honey” – the moniker a gift from my meditation master Osho in 1973. The whole name, Ma Prem Madhuri, means “sweet love”, and I’ve never seen any reason to quarrel with it.

I’m an artist, poet, diarist, traveler, meditator, psychic, channeler, (not my fault – born that way) teacher of meditation and much else…  intuitive jewelry designer, public speaker, and retired healer in many methods including color light therapy, trance, past life regression, women’s inner work, and more – too many things for me to remember offhand.  I love to cook, hike, wander, talk with good friends, shop, laugh, howl at the moon and gape at the stars. I’m currently into Human Design too. I’m a practicing Tantrika. I live in an unlikely isolation in the bucolic Midwest with a kind and good conservative fellow who snatched me off an Alp four years ago. I love to go adventuring and visiting friends any chance I get – my far-ranging life still itches in my shins and I leap to follow it.

Above all I’m a dancing fool.

And I like to describe anything at all – anything. Just ask me. (Human Designwise: Cross of Explanation; Channel of Genius/Freak twice; Channel of Perfected Form; motorless splenic Projector; 2/4 profile.)

I write books, lots of books, and feel powerless to do anything about them except to write more. But I can just see how I want them to look when they turn into real books. This too itches at me. I’ve just found a marvellous editor – and hope to collaborate – if gods and goddesses are willing.

It is great to decorate one’s Midwestern existence with murals one didn’t know one knew how to paint until one did it.

Of trees, so far. I love trees – of course; but their benevolence and forgivingness towards humans is amazing – they aren’t just beautiful and good and giving – they are wise. Our new house doesn’t have enough of them around itself.

I’ve posted a few stories from this strange land I live on – not quite in – as well as

a dance.

love, Madhuri