Mistakes on the Path

by Madhuri



Madhuri lights this firecracker book at both ends, intimately revealing the heart of a mystic in love with her Enlightened Master, Osho. Inspiring, raucous, luminous and honest, this is a rare masterpiece of poetic flight grounded in humor, mystery, trust and courage; the magnum opus of a Western woman and her heartfelt integration of authentic Eastern wisdom. Mistakes on the Path is one of the top five spiritual memoirs I have read in my life.
- Shunyo Mahom, Zen artist and author, California

Thank you for this wonderful book... what a ride!
I enjoyed it utterly... it lightened up my day, or sometimes threw me in at the deep end. A very pleasurable, intense, and inspiring read. An unusual marriage between Fear of Flying by Erica Jong and Mojud the Man with the Inexplicable Life by Osho, all spiced up with Madhuri's flair for poetry, her ruthless honesty, and her unquestionable devotion... Madhuri is a 'Fool,' in the most illustrious spiritual meaning. She throws herself into whatever experience is being offered her, and lives it all, blissfully and tragically. She is a Baul, a Sufi, a Devotee.
- Svarup, Osho Primal therapist, on the road

This book is just a treat, a giant Madhuri smorgasbord all done in high fashion. it brought me so much back into Osho, the essence, remembering it all... the love, the magic.
- Peggy Sands, artist, Colorado

This book will help many people who are feeling stuck... realize that they also can be free.
- Roger King, author, Warrior Love, Hay House, England

I am deeply touched by revisiting these previous times together - Madhuri is like Ouspensky to Gurdjieff only lighter and more fun. She is one-of-a-kind and gives herself in a no-holds-barred way. She captures the essence of our connection with Osho...
If you would like to discover what the documentary, Wild Wild Country, left out of the picture and what British psychiatrist Anthony Storr was unable to grok in his analysis of Osho, in his book Feet of Clay, then join Madhuri on her trip, this caravanserai of delight. In this intimate and poetic memoir Madhuri takes you into the inner mysteries of the love affair between a devotee and her Master. Prepare yourself to be touched to the depths of your heart and soul.
- Prakash Mackay, Diamond Approach teacher/minister, Maui


Madhuri is a present that doesn't need unwrapping - (She's already unwrapped) but instead, the givee has to unwrap himself. This is not a book for the faint of heart. Disarming is the honesty, brutal at times. As her path emerges, parts of me I had successfully lulled to sleep emerged from my boulevard of broken dreams, whispering at first, undeniably alive well before the book's end. I knew a trap had un-shut around me.
This is the power of Madhuri's sharing: if somewhere deep inside an ember glows of the original longing to live this miraculous life to the fullest, she will rekindle the fire, fan again the flame.
- Anurag Srajano, once Osho's videographer, Netherlands

Madhuri – poet, painter and psychic – has finally come out with the book Osho asked her to write back in 1976. It was worth the wait: the story moves from her childhood in a big, poor-but-brainy family in California, to years as a hippie traveler; invited then by her sister to meet Osho – an encounter that would dramatically (if reluctantly) change her life... all seen with an understanding and sense of humor that comes after years of maturity.

As the narrative flows through day-to-day events, we're given a view into her inner process and the many interactions with her Master. We also get a flavor of life in the first commune, an oasis in the archaic, unhealthy India of the 70’s; the second commune in labor-intensive Oregon; and back again to the more prosperous Pune of the 90’s. She evokes with the surety of the born writer what it was like to absorb the Master’s presence, his words and silences... and then, after Osho left his body, what it was like when a whole new phase began. She writes too of the times ‘in the world,’ when it was time to go out and make money in order to return to the Master’s garden.

We are often shaken, stirred, torn upwards and downwards, between frivolity and deep introspection; jealousy and friendship, self-deprecation and love; laughter and tears, clarity and confusion, tenderness and disgust, control and let-go, doing and non-doing. After surviving bone-shattering G4 forces, we see the roller coaster tracks in front of us gradually even out, but still we travel quickly on – now between meadows and moors - through the profane and the sacred alike, experiencing first-hand her indomitable courage; richness of spirit and deep sense of freedom.

The title Mistakes on the Path was given her by Osho. She therefore has his total permission to stumble (with acute and poetic observation) over the most ridiculous mistakes... mistakes I have also made... and some I thank god I haven't. It’s also refreshing to read razor-sharp descriptions of fellow-travelers, warts and all – with the same naked ruthlessness she uses for herself. Hilarious in places, bitchy too... very few stones, one feels, were left unturned. The main theme - the main Mistake - concerns Doing and Non-Doing - important for a meditator. Madhuri examines it at both gross and molecular levels.

Sex comprises a big part of the book. We follow her in these explorations, first numb, then excessive, abusive towards herself; until she discovers Tantra, and finally reaches a natural, spontaneous celibacy. In the early years too she suffered from OCD and anorexia and describes with a simple eloquence how she overcame these ailments; and how traumas from childhood were healed with the help of Osho’s presence and teachings.

This generous 630-page volume, stuffed with photos and drawings, beautifully designed by Peggy, inside and cover both – will intrigue you like a thriller. At the end Madhuri has added a useful Appendix: meditations, a self-healing process, and her approach to crystals and healing stones.

Ready for a roller coaster ride? Then this is a book for you!
- Punya Kaufeler, editor, oshonewsonline, Corfu

Loving your book!
- Christo Lovejoy

Am taking my time to read your "book," savouring it like a rich fruit cake, so full and juicy, brings back memories as well as getting to know you a little better, makes me want to meet you for real... So many things strike a chord for me, I was a runner for decades too... and I loved Dynamic meditation too... You were so blessed to be in his light and grace, LOVE and THANK YOU, it's more than a "book."
...Still reading it, it's stirring me, in many ways...
Can't stop reading, it's 12:47 now, I'm moved at the way you pour forth your heart/being... You have a childlike quality, like Bhagwan... perceptive and playful...
An affinity with so many of your impressions of mutual acquaintances, you reveal a depth that is somehow transforming.... Inspired in a non-doing sort of way, if that makes sense, you're a magician.
(Later:) Things feel a bit empty now, having finished your book... got a book out of the library on hatha yoga, but it feels like reading a dictionary after yours. Did you ever read Hakim Sanai's Hadi Qua (The Walled Garden of Truth)... compares well with yours. I feel a little humble in your presence, bless you.
- Yogi Anderson, Australia

I am currently experiencing your book, it's not reading for me it's like drinking an exquisite wine savouring each sip and letting the magic unfold.
This is so much more than a book and it touches me so deeply as I feel the deep intimacy coming from each word. I can feel you, Sarita, the commune, sannyas itself and Osho. So many times I am laughing out loud or tears are streaming down my cheeks or I need to pause, close my eyes and go within.
I haven't been with Osho in person but I know I am with him.
Thank you for this gift!
- Tanmaya, Corfu

Thanks god your book is going in me page by page...
Your book has the same story-telling art as one sees in the Indian-based cult novel Shantaram. Indian publisher will not miss its market potential.
You are an expert in painting with words.
- Iqbal Singh, Germany

(comment on my vid of a chapter from the book:)
So beautiful Madhuri.... very precious to experience you reading... the tenderness... the innocence... the self awareness... the keen observations.... the disarming humour.... so many gifts of your writing... so vibrantly transmitted in your live reading... you are such a beauty... and your book looks wonderfully fat... not just a short-lived pleasure... Congratulations of giving it birth... Sending much love and hugs ...
- Nidhi, California

Received my book! Wow what a masterpiece, started reading straight away... and I'm in love! Congratulations on your amazing work! I am sure Osho is smiling.
- Bayari, England

(comment on vid of me reading two short chapters aloud:)
Madhuri writes in beautiful clear precise short sentences, and her descriptions echo with authenticity. I cannot wait to get this book and read it myself!
- Gabrielle Richards, England

Your book arrived, it's a joy and amazing to read it - awesome - I am just at the beginning - so moving to read how close you and your sister were and wild, artistic and wonderful you always have been... Thanks for writing it.
- Ramya, Japan

September '19:
Very nearly finished your book, reading avidly, telling my partner bits of it, and a friend is still happily ploughing through it!
- S. R., England

It should be a very big hit, your book is very good quality and authentic but such fun too. I loved reading it. I was gripped and moved. I put a review on Amazon, I hope my joyful review helps others to find your book... Thanks so much for all your painstaking work! Much love and admiration.
It was such a pleasure to read. I am bereft now that I have finished it, and given it away... I think it actually helped me heal my relationship with Mum as well, because you, like me, weren't parented, but I saw how, once we have fully accepted that, and find other ways of re-parenting ourselves, we can appreciate our parents for who they are. Lots of parts of the book were very helpful in my own journey... thanks for the gift of that book.
Your book is wonderful. ..it is a lifeline as it is cheering me up... a rip-roaring read... love it, love the spiritual quest and sisterly dynamic, it's very funny too. I love the monkeys who have learned the sounds from the Dynamic meditation. And it resonates with me right now... I like that Osho seemed to include work as part of the daily spiritual routine...
(On Amazon:) I loved reading this book. I was laughing out loud on the Tube in London. It is deep and full os wisdom and insights, relevant to the spiritual path. But also it is gripping, vivid and fun.
- J. Farrants, England

Reading your book with great pleasure - I'm sure everyone is telling you this!
- Edward, England

I enjoy your book soooo much, especially because I know you and am with Sarita in Goddess Essence teachers training right now.
- Rabia

I'm enjoying your book.
- Dwabha, India

Loving your book!
- Christo

I am reading your book like mad person day and night. So I am fully drenched with your energy. You have shared so many beautiful meditations along with your mistakes that I feel motivated to make mistakes totally and meditatively. Wish you fulness in your heart for what you have witnessed in this life...
- A., international

I am reminded of a part in your book sometimes in the shower when I shampoo the 'back passage.'... somehow amusing... and that you shared it. You brought back all sorts of memories of Poona... communal showers, groups with Teertha.
- Yogi, Australia

I'm still lapping up your wonderful book!
- M., England

I had a really bad night. The kind where you're reading a book that's so good you can't put it down!
- S., England

Your book is really really really good!
- Y., England

I still enjoy to read your book, I am taking a longer time in between other books, which makes me feel happy as I feel close to you reading your poetic, adventurous book, full of treasures. Reading it, I feel close with Osho again... and I am so amazed about many things I didn't know. How you describe the Ranch time - I love it - the first time I get a sense of that time that is beyond complaint... though of course I understand the disappointment. I have been asking myself and other sannyasins why Osho didn't do anything to stop Sheela. This touches me deeply how you answer this question... Your book is inspiring on many levels. Thank you so much for writing it... Rediscovering Osho meditations and discovering new meditations I never heard about, is exciting... how blessed you are, receiving so much guidance from Osho - and really I am so happy and grateful that you share all this - so honestly.
Reading your book, I am going through a deep process inside. For my German friend I sent the book to it was the same. Your self-reflection is so pure and eeep that it triggers a self-reflection process in the reader and with your openness, even to reveal the self-judgements you don't want to tell anybody, some lightness and softness enters in the reader, ohhh it is okay, also this is okay.
Again we say Thank You, Arrigatou....
R., Japan

I started reading last night and had a hard time leaving the book aside.
How beautiful!
- Sugandho, Germany

One of the things I love so much about your writing and your Mistakes on the Path book is how 'Wagnerian' it is. Full of drama, naked confrontations, but psychic and spiritual. Sometimes a 'Heroine's' journey hitting walls, trying to break through them, then finding the Unknowable Silent's magic key to open magic doors of wonder and understanding. Forthright and alive is your narrative style and like Wagner's music dramas you keep surprising me. Not an easy thing to do. Congrats.

I've been enjoying, slowly savouring it... I'm just at the point where you're in Tokyo... I found the typhoon anointing in bed pretty funny. I make lots of good noises reading your book.

I am sipping it ... like verbs made of wine, rivering fermenting, fervent-ing. You "word" the vanish into "feel." You "honest" the Miss. stakes. The OCD mailed COD. The wonton onwardly understood and transcended. Mouth of the Dragon. Hanged Man! My ghost stories invited.... I celebrate your great accomplishment. You have written, in my view, one of the best bios of life with Osho. I have always felt... that you are perhaps the best of us fellow travellers with Osho who can put pen to paper and key to crash the light fantastic on computer screen, as a writer. Whether my gush is true or not, what is true for me is with all the writing I do, I love to learn how to write by reading you.
- John Hogue, WA.

I'm really enjoying your book.
- Shruti, Devon, UK

I'm reading and enjoying your book.
A., Sedona, USA

I started reading your book yesterday - and before I knew it, hours had passed - it's very readable. I like your style. When I first saw the book I felt very invited - by the appearance of it.
(Big smile.) It really is... grabbing! It grabs you! That's good!
- Gudrun, Germany

Yes, it's very readable.
- Clive, UK

I've been reading a lot of sannyasin memoirs. Yours definitely has the best writing - the richest, most flowing - and I don't even have English as a native language, but I can see it.
....Now I've just finished to read your beautiful book, one of the most sincere and touching reports of our incredible story with Osho I have ever read. Not only did I learn from it that you and Sarita are sisters - I would never have guessed - but also that you were recovering from heavy brain surgery at the time you stayed at Devika's chalet....
- Rolf/Visarjana, Switzerland

I love your book. And it is so much more than just a book.
- Kadambini, Germany

Courageously honest and beautifully written account of Madhuri's often-wild spiritual journey. Loved this book! Intense while light and humorous at the same time. Full of amazing stories... A page-turner all the way. Such an amazing book... Couldn't put it down. So honest, courageous, funny, touching. What an amazing life-so-far. Thank you so much for sharing it unabridgedly (!?) with us....
- Yatro, UK

I am still reading, with little bits, because what to do when it will finish? I am stunned by the thrilling life you had. Lots of love!
- K G., Belgium

The parcel reached me and i've started reading your already-riveting-just-a-few-pages-in book! I'm going away for Xmas and this shall be my holiday reading. Whoo hoo!
- Caroline, UK

Amazed by your ability to pour bodily sensations into words...
- Srajano, Corfu

I am enjoying your early experiences in the ashram. Here are the verses describing your experiences:
Here is the romance and bliss to those who don't postpone pain.
Here is the contact with the levitating force of earth that keep buoying us.
Here is the warmth that reminds us of the mother's womb.
Here is the innocent state of feeling awe.
Here are the faces that are as bright as shining stars.
Here are the physical bodies that are as empty as the sky.
Here are the physical bodies that are moving with secret graces.
Here is the lader that directs step by step into light.
Here is the ashram that is the most wonderful university in the world.

You have used past tense in those two paragraphs; surprising that even your editor didn't point it out. They are not in the past. I am experiencing them here now.
While reading Mistakes on the Path some place near my navel centre is telling me that "Yes Dileep this is exactly what is needed. Not a bit more; not a bit less."
- Dileep, Mumbai

Oh sweet mama! Your writings are always like ice cream. I just hope you are going to serve us much much more!
- Katrien, Belgium

Such prose - I love your delicious use of words!
- S., UK

Also loved it. So much detail and still never gets boring. During the last few pages I was almost sitting upright in my bed with suspense....
- Prem Vismay

I love your writing Madhuri -thank you for being you.
- Roger King, UK

Just reading a borrowed copy of your book in Pune - enjoying it very much. I'll get one when I come back to London - want my daughter to read it!
- Pankaja, UK

Been thinking about you as I read your book. I'm enjoying very much the love, the phrasing... very well written.
- Prabha, California

Your book! Your book is incredible - I think it's the most incredible book I've ever read. I am completely immersed in the world you describe - so vivid - and every sentence is so well-crafted. I don't want it to end. What a gift you have!
- D. Golten, healer, UK

I can hardly wait to start reading your book... people say they can't put it down.
- S.A., UK

I just finished Mistakes on the Path and wanted to let you know how touched I am by your honesty and grappling with your search and process as you so poignantly articulated throughout the tome. I feel closer to you and to Osho having read it. I was a young boy (9-13) living near the Ranch when it was happening. I lived in Redmond, near Bend, and though never met the Master physically I made an energetic connection at that time that flowered for me into sannyas later.... I also enjoy your poems when they pop up on the Osho News site.... Thanks for writing this book and for sharing your creativity. I really enjoyed your book and how you kept making 'mistakes' and learning from them, integrating, and moving on and in...
- Moulik B., USA

Fabulous book... proud to be a notch in ya belt... your book was a Gift to me from Osho.
- U., UK

I started the book last night - read about 1/8th - I had strong dreams all night based on it!
- S Smith, UK

Got to points where I had to rest... for a day or so... such a journey reading it... and an appreciation of what a journey it must have been to write it. |
- N., UK

I namaste Ma Prem Madhuri Mahasattvaa, and applaud Mistakes on the Path. A courageous vista of Osho neo-sannyas scenes. I am grateful for feelings of Osho much of the Beyond! Laughter through so many end/beginnings; absolution from my heart's whining tears cooling the inadequate mind; celebrations of consciousness experiencing being human; and the privilege of having scanned your autobuddhography, with self-treasuring tips.
- A. Avak, Glastonbury, UK

You're one of the best story-tellers I know - the words dissolve so that I'm just in the experience - as if I go behind the words - and then afterwards I go back and read it again, to see how did she do that? - And I'm left with a sweet taste on the tongue.
- John Hogue, WA, USA

Yes!! Celebrating you! I love your book... am about 3/8ths of the way through and never want it to end -.
- Bayari, UK

And even I am not a native speaker, I can read and understand although I don't look up every missing word. Really love your writing.
- Gudrun, Germany

Just finished reading your book, Mistakes. twice. Read it twice because I enjoyed it so much! Wow, just wonderful! Thank you for writing it... I enjoyed your sincerity, humour, honesty. And remembering so much of those days with Osho... Thank you again!
- Parigyan, DK

Through a chain of miracles, your book arrived at my doorstep! It is gorgeous.... both inside and out... Though I've only dipped toes into the text... You are an inspiration. I am grateful for you in my life.
- Prartho Sereno, CA, USA

Lovin' the book.
- Antar, CA, USA

I bought it a wee while ago... but only now have got the space to dive into it and i am well on my way.
it is amazing. And somehow i feel so intimate with it all, from our time together in Japan and the sessions I gave you here, like my hands know it all, feel it somehow - ... and so much from my own immersion in Osho and Poona... I am still on the Poona one time and it is all so alive...

Wonderful read, your book! Immersed in this amazing journey through the "Garden of the Beloved" described so intimately and vividly from your unique experience... And big surprise finding myself mentioned and the Cranio journey we had so detailed. Yes.. so touching to read your experience of ti, thank you. So glad you completed and published the book, doing the Master's work as he wanted. So valuable to hear the very Personal journey, the voice of someone who lived closely with him in the body, the Direct guidance he gave you, and the very human mistakes we all made on the journey expressed with humour, gratefulness, and compassion. With a poet's heart and prose, your voice such a rich thread in the tapestry he left behind, to be seen, shared and heard before we are all gone.
What a life what a journey we had and still going on.
- Leena, Scotland

I am immensely impressed by your Mistakes - it's amazing how different people can be, and still so recognizable. (Different than me that is, ha ha.) & wonderful writing, what a valuable document of our life with the master. I am so proud to be part of this all... Can you please send me two more? I want to give them as presents...
- Dr Sugit Schoenmakers, Holland

Thank you so much for the book! I am enjoying it immensely, it's like a door open to a world I can't even imagine could be opened by anyone but you and your poetic writing. What a joy.
- Celest, Oregon

The writing is really good.
- Alex, SF, California

I find your volume on your mistakes quite awesome to read.
Your language is exceptionally rich, and your ability to remember details is extraordinarily vivid. You're having quite a vocabulary to draw on.
Among us all who loved him, who were called... and can burst from the chest in wondering celebration - I do not hesitate to call yours some of the most beautiful phrases I've ever read of the whole saga.
Thank you... That's what I wanted to tell you...
- Neeten, Denmark

I am going through the book 'Mistakes'. I read your description of prati prasava. I was led into a trance. A road with railings appeared on both sides. Those railings are constructed by you to avoid any fall. I am asked to walk. In that walking I am being instructed about that technique; how I should implement that technique daily. The railings make sure that I won't fall and that I'll learn it correctly. There ends my trance. Now back to normal.
Personally I feel that with this amount of care, learning happens correctly. That is the wealth hidden in 'Mistakes.' Then I felt that I am not giving as much respect to the book that it deserves. My previous plan is to read one or two pages daily in the night. No; something more should be done. I changed the plan to read it during day time without any stress. It should be a mainstream activity; not a casual book for the night. The book will take one or 2 decades to complete. So is the substance present in it.
Hope God will bless me to complete the journey through that book.
- Dileep, Mumbai

Again and again, I can keep enjoying memories as I read your book. Thank you again and all the best wishes to you.
- Parigyan, Denmark

I am 57 pages into Mistakes on the Path. It sparkles!
- Susan, USA

Enjoying the book! So nicely written. Brings back so many memories of Mother India! Moo!
- Antar, CA

Just wanted to tell you from Indian lock-down, that I'm reading your book at last and loving it. You've covered all the events I might have and added a few. It's very spicy (I love your little strip-o-gram stories!) and so well written.
Well done! You did it!
- Savita, India

Your book is really beautiful.
- Kohrogi-sensei, Japan

I've just finished reading your Mistakes on the Path book. I adored it. I laughed and cried and marvelled throughout - and learnt so much (not just profound wisdoms but some new words too - like roilings and moilings.)
Sometimes I was moved to tears by the sheer beauty of your descriptions and the elegance with which you encapsulated concepts and epiphanies. Everyone has a story - but not everyone can write (this doesn't stop them publishing though - arghhh!) Everyone has a life, but not everyone knows how to truly 'live'. The combination of your daring to grab life by the baubles and being such a gifted writer made every paragraph of your book a delicious treat.
It may amuse you to know that I took myself off to a remote retreat centre alone for 6 days, so I could read your book undisturbed! I'd become so frustrated to be getting through just a few pages at a time, during snatched moments on my daily commute, that I took this drastic action.
I was juice-fasting on the retreat and enjoying rare alone time and meditating lots. I started to get into a strange synchronous pattern with your narrative. My meditations were yielding some illuminating discoveries... then after meditating, when I resumed reading your book, the next few pages would report on a similar or identical learning. This happened a LOT. It was very spooky and very affirming at the same time.
So much of your book resonated. In so many ways, you soooo remind me of me. (In other ways, you're very different - e.g. you're courageous in ways I've never been able to be.)
I had a go at the self-healing exercise at the end of the book and it was so powerful I got overwhelmed halfway through (it was so real.) I notice on your website you offer guided meditations on this... Can I book one of everything please?... I've been on your workshops at Osho Leela and they were epic.
- Caroline, UK

I love this book - I read it in one breath. It taught me to look at my mistakes differently and i also fell in love with Human Design.
- Ma Prem Vasudha

It reminds me of Devakant's book, also a very in-depth account.
- Shruti

Hi Madhuri Ma, Wow... reading your book... enjoying it, laughing a lot. I feel like I went there in 1970's India... I am loving and enjoying it so far.
- Prem Shankar, UK

I'm not quite finished reading it yet, but wanted to shoot you a quick email to say i think your book is marvellous.
It is unusually lyrical and elegantly written for a spiritual memoir and evokes the experiences of being a Bhagwan disciple better than anything i have read or seen. The melancholic tone gives the book a kind of tragic, dilapidated beauty and I found myself completely riveted throughout. Really quickly, I would compare it to Laurence Schainberg's Ambivalent Zen, Christopher Isherwood's My Guru and His Disciple, and John Mann's Before the Sun. All three recount complicated experiences with spiritual masters, by avowedly imperfect students, and puncture some of the romanticism and spiritual bypassing often associated with "gurus."
But I thought Mistakes on the Path is better than all three, in part because of the delicacy and artfulness of your idiom and in part because you go all the way into the dark, raw places that all three of the authors I mention above can only touch into.
Thank you for a wonderful session several weeks ago and for a great book!
- David, California

Greetings, Madhuri, 121 pages in and I am captivated by your book!
- Stephen, Florida

I am reading your book now. Thanks for the memories about Osho! ))))
- Dharma Sumiram

Enjoying your book so far... you have written so profound in such a simple easy way... it's amazing... I don't want to admit but some places I cried. thank you again,
(later) I am reading your book and laughing a lot. Some of the story you said are very hilarious.
- Prem Sandesh, UK

Very engaging and well-written.
- Dharmaraj, Bali

With this time at home I was finally able to pick up your book again... I'm enjoying it so much, going slowly and savouring every single page. You're an excellent writer!
- Yukti, Italy

Thoroughly enjoying your amazing book! Wow - and sometimes it makes me burst out laughing.
- Elien, Netherlands

Hi Madhuri: Am reading your book and loving it. Thank you for sharing so generously. If you are ever in Atlanta, GA, let me know. Would love to meet you...
(later) I really enjoyed your book with all little and big stories together like a necklace.
- Soma, Georgia, USA

I am enjoying your book so much. I want to read it slowly and leisurely!... A big thank you! Much love to you...
- Amido, USA

I've been reading Mistakes on the Path and enjoying it, so I felt moved to write and tell you. Your path has been quite different from mine in all its details, of course - and yet there are certainly correspondences. And I've loved your writing style and ability. It reminds me a lot of your Mother's, which I always appreciated so much...
- Kathleen, Portland, OR, USA

It is beautifully written, the best of your books so far in that department, which is saying a lot. ...No extraneous words so far. Deep and to the point.
(later) Now I am nearly at the end. It is a WONDERFUL book. Filled with good advices on so many things. Yes, am learning more psychic and meditative ways to relate with myself and the world at large by reading it. I am realizing how incredibly much you taught me in our time together. Thank you so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(later) What a grrrreat book. Just finished it. I am so happy to have it twice: Kindle and the copy you sent with special author's signature... I love that it has Self-Healing instructions. And talks about the gemstones. I loved every single word. There were no extras.
- Kerina, Byron Bay, Oz

I am still reading your book, enjoying being with you through your writing...
- Tarisha, Osho Leela, UK

I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying reading your book. Your honesty, openness, and insights are a joy to read. Thank you.
- John D.

Loved your book Mistakes on the Path, Madhuri.... read it twice already... lots of recognition... Specially the compulsive doer bit.
- Levina

I want to share with you how 'Mistakes' helped me. After many months I reopened the book.
Luckily, I straight opened the page that is of interest to me. One day a monk appeared before Osho. Osho asked him a couple of questions for which there was no reply. Osho said that he was in shock as his conscious and unconscious are far away and they both met.
Same event happened in my life. In 2010 I met an enlightened person. He spoke something to me. I didn't hear what he said. This happened on two occasions that I met him... But if I do Dynamic, I am able to listen to him at least 1-2 minutes. I never understood what happened and how to interpret it. Fortunately, your book answered me...
The flow that is there in your book is amazing. Something beyond logical flow is present in your book. How I am able to tell this is that immediately below that monk paragraph you wrote about a person who repressed anger too much. Osho advised him to kill his pillow... I was thrilled by the order in which those paragraphs appeared.
...Anyway, thanks for the wonderful book. I am enjoying reading it.
- Dileep, Mumbai

I love your book so much! Every time I open it I feel Osho presence.
- Irina

I recently finished reading your book which I liked very much. I want to ask you for a session...
- Vadano, Austria

I sent for your book Mistakes on the Path and I have just finished reading it. I love it. Thank you for writing it. It is a real adventure story from start to finish. I love the poetry and the spiritual experiences and the wonderful way you live life like a white cloud floating and trusting existence - so much courage you have.
I love your Appendix of Treasures at the end too, especially the Poetry in Stones - as I love crystals. ...Thank you again for writing your wonderful book. It's a really wonderful reminder of the spiritual journey.
- Devika Rosamund

I'm halfway through your book, it's transformative.
- Aloka, Portland

I love reading your book, it gives me so much courage to become more and more transparent... THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BEAUTIFUL MISTAKES BOOK -
- Ma Tara

Yes, Amido is right, your book is a real gift... I love the way you write, and your courage and devotion touch me deeply... thank you.
- Bodhipriya

I read almost all your book ages ago but just finished off the last 40 pages or so the other day. And the Appendices. It is such a gift of acceptance, openess, and love! I felt somehow as if I had a whole new understanding of freedom. That I hadn't given the exploration of freedom adequate attention. That some unburdening had happened.
The writing is so flowing, it never pulls the reader up short casting about!
Thank you so much for writing this. It amazes me that you throw everything out there for it to tumble and rise and dissolve and flower.
Much love, Amido

Enjoyed it so much, keep loaning it out, have a waiting list.
- Yogi, Australia

I'm rereading Mistakes on the Path. What a life you've had...
- Ken, Vancouver

I really enjoyed your book... You're very courageous! Yes!
- Naveena, Germany

Just want to tell you - I really liked your book. What an incredible memory you have! You really caught the atmosphere.
- Sam, Switzerland