Mistakes on the Path

by Madhuri

In 1976 Osho asked me to write a book called Mistakes on the Path.
Here it is.
After an adventurous teenage-time, in 1973 I was summoned from San Francisco by my little sister Sarita, to Bombay - to meet the mystic Osho (then called Bhagwan.)
In this book I describe my 30 extraordinary years in Osho's communes in Poona, India and Rajneeshpuram, Oregon. Internally I confronted and worked with OCD, sex addiction, anorexia; externally, relationships, the power clique running the Oregon commune, and the general snafus life throws our way.
My central issue though was one of the most fundamental questions of the spiritual journey: pushing the river vs letting it flow (Doing vs Non-Doing.) All of this involved what I call The Art of Blundering; and oh boy, did I bash into things...
Also explored here: the inner workings of an Intuitive healer; as I grew into this gift and began to hesitantly find something more resembling maturity.

Shocking, funny, sad, and transcendently joyful, this book gives a taste of life in a rare milieu; where the essence is spacious silence... and where human foibles rise up to meet it; and are (sometimes) transformed. The ambiance of an enlightened Master, in all its radiance and mystery, is portrayed.



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"Madhuri lights this firecracker book at both ends, intimately revealing the heart of a mystic in love with her Enlightened Master, Osho. Inspiring, raucous, luminous and honest, this is a rare masterpiece of poetic flight grounded in humor, mystery, trust and courage; the magnum opus of a Western woman and her heartfelt integration of authentic Eastern wisdom."
- Shunyo Mahom, Zen artist and author

"Thank you for this wonderful book... what a ride!
I enjoyed it utterly... it lightened up my day, or sometimes threw me in at the deep end. A very pleasurable, intense, and inspiring read. An unusual marriage between Fear of Flying by Erica Jong and Mojud the Man with the Inexplicable Life by Osho, all spiced up with Madhuri's flair for poetry, her ruthless honesty, and her unquestionable devotion... Madhuri is a 'Fool,' in the most illustrious spiritual meaning. She throws herself into whatever experience is being offered her, and lives it all, blissfully and tragically. She is a Baul, a Sufi, a Devotee."

Svarup, Osho Primal therapist

"This book is just a treat, a giant
Madhuri smorgasbord all done in high fashion."
- Peggy Sands, artist

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