Impassioned Cows By Moonlight

by Katy Akin

This book was published in 1974 by Red Dot Press, a division of Hanging Loose magazine in New York. I was invited to submit the manuscript for the first book-publishing venture of this long-running literary periodical.
The poems and short stories are in chronological order, beginning with one written at age 14 and ending with some from age 21. During that time I lived in Riverside, California; then Ferndale, California; then Riverside again; then traveled across the country and was taken to Europe as a dancing extra in a movie; then two years later - in 1972 - returned to San Francisco. The poems reflect these travels.

The cover is a drawing made by the Red Dot staff artist from a photo of me in costume for my part in a show by Les Nickelettes all-female theater group of San Francisco.

During those years I did many poetry readings in Southern and Northern California, as well as in London (including on BBC radio!)

The book is now out of print, but occasionally can be found on Amazon for an amazingly inflated price. There are typos in it because when the time came for me to check the galleys I had flown to India and did not return...and it was not thought practical to send the galleys to me there! I had thought that since the original was correct (as I was assured it was) the galleys would be too. This was a big mistake, from which I learnt an important lesson: always proof-read! So if anyone locates a copy I would be happy to supply the corrections by e-mail.



Who Wrote It

lakeJFK Airport, August 1970, en route to London