Beam Me Up

Thurston MacKenzie knew that something was eating away at his vitals – he could feel it if he palpated his stomach, a bit away on the left side – like a tangerine in there – slowly growing – . He did not tell anyone. He sensed that no intervention would check it; and he […]

Shipment from Siena

Her eyes were the colour of moldavite – when you hold the stone up to the light, and see the green – a dignified, kelp-forest, pine-forest green.

Moldavite, but in these eyes there were gold flecks added, and the possibility of reflecting the sky – a blue somewhere in there too, waiting its […]

Winter on a Groovy Isle

A clear black night wrapped itself around the house with full embrace. New Year’s Eve is cold on Ibiza; soon an icy night in 1970 would become a frigid morning in 1971. In the main room the fireplace did its best to warm things, but it was the only heating in the house and […]

Warm Planet

And just as our Tribes were poised to rush against each other, as their numbers increased and resources dwindled, and storms grew more violent and more prolonged – finally the planet Beelzabaloola reached down and made contact. It had always intended to do this, if the need got great; and the time had finally […]


It is the time of the black ants dying. They topple like old men on long legs gone suddenly useless; lie folded in on themselves like fragments of blackberries. Penny does not know what seasons they observe; she doesn’t know their ceremonies or their marriage rites, or how long they are allowed to stay […]

The Leopard’s Leap

Mrs Brummel named her three children as follows:

1. Lionel Brummel

That was okay, nobody minded, nothing strange about that. Her husband continued to nod over his newspaper like a genteel, old-fashioned toy in the corner.

2. The next son she named Tiger T. Brummel. The T. didn’t stand for anything; […]

The heartbreaker

Hadleigh Jennings in her 37th year fell for a country-western singer. She loved his thin dry lips, which made her think, paradoxically, of unlikely springs in arid mountain ranges, something so important nestled near-hidden. Her inside went all funny when she saw him, and he seemed to her valuable then, life-giving, just being like […]

The Cave

He had unzipped the lower part of the legs of his Goretex hiking pants and stepped out of them, while he leaned against a rough stone wall. Then he had folded them and pushed them into his rucksack, pulled its drawstring tight again, and gone on. His long legs, suddenly freed to the air, […]

Smoke and Mirrors


They had parked the camper in one of the spots by the river – paid their $5.00 at the entrance, into the hand of a cheery ranger in khaki who stood in a kiosk behind a wooden counter – and now it was evening, of a hot June day. The baby was […]

From Whinge to Wings

There was once a woman who found herself at 16,000 feet in a fabled mountain range, hiking a rocky track that barely clung to a steep slope, and failing badly with the altitude. Her companions, two men, were hale and happy and stepping out, but the woman felt herself to be ninety-six years old, […]