Cockroach Clearance

Cockroach Clearance

(warning: for reasons of its own, this poem will be rhyming more and more furiously as it goes along, at times lapsing into limerick. Perhaps this has something to […]

Death by Poetry

As I wrote in my last post, Suppose There is No Armageddon, I threatened my teenaged niece with the specter of reading the aforementioned poem to her if she continued telling me about apocalyptic dooms a-coming.

This got me thinking… and by evening I was guffawing, all by myself, with the notion of poetry as […]

Suppose There Is No Armageddon

This poem visited me insistently over a period of weeks, demanding that I write down the stanzas even in the middle of the night, in the dark, on a pad I kept on my bedside stand.

I had become fed up with cries of doom I’d been hearing from many directions – so many; you’ve […]

the third one

Today I Killed My Bank Account

Today I killed my bank account

It had kept on biting me

Indifferent tellers riding on its camel back

another poem


Next time you have to sneeze, just

Think about the top of your head,


Focus […]

Three Poems

Garden Club

Outside it’s snowing wetly

A woman sits in a maroon chair

With a stripey calm design in it