A Dream of Colors

After much valiant and serious facing of the big bad world of publishing, as pertains to my book-which-is-trying-out-its-big-strong-wings-but-is-yet-new, events evolved into such a place that it was relevant and indeed correct for me to cease my struggles, scrounging, and bullet-biting for a little while. I could hardly believe it…freedom, after a year of solid editing […]

Bras and Bread

Ok, this is a big fat rant, about two things almost impossible to find in this consuming-mad, insectoidally-voracious, provide-anything-whatsoever-and-somebody-will-buy-it world. I’ll start with the bread, ha ha, and work up to the bras, though it just sounded better to put the latter first in the title. Ha ha. (I’m full of impish delight this morning […]

My Musings

My Musings

We’re driving home as dusk comes up out of the air over the flattish land and turns it all inwards. Over the hills slight as breathing, from within the […]

Five Human Nourishments

You know how when you’re hiking and you come over a rise and see below you a lake – as flat as gravity can make it, blue-lit by the sky; edges fringed with summer-leaved trees? And the very waterness of it, its placidity, the surprise: and something in you relaxes in recognition and is thrilled, […]


I’m visiting Santa Cruz just now and my conclusion is this: the thing wrong with America, weird human consciousness notwithstanding, can be expressed in one word: cars. If there weren’t any, all these people would be milling about still, but that would feel cozy rather than threatening – because they wouldn’t be accompanied by and […]