Bras and Bread

Ok, this is a big fat rant, about two things almost impossible to find in this consuming-mad, insectoidally-voracious, provide-anything-whatsoever-and-somebody-will-buy-it world. I’ll start with the bread, ha ha, and work up to the bras, though it just sounded better to put the latter first in the title. Ha ha. (I’m full of impish delight this morning […]

Balls So Cheap Fix Back and Sleep

Relaxing Back Balls

For minor back distress (for example if you lift something just that much too heavy) and to prevent it from becoming worse, I have found this of enormous value: take two tennis balls or racquet balls – depending on your size – and at first sign of back ache or weirdness, take […]

On Bended Nose

Once, rather long ago, a wee baby girl curled up like a seedling in her mother’s womb, and maybe she was eventually pressing her face against its warm walls so hard, trying to see what was going on out there, that her little nose got smashed, or maybe she was trying to look away and […]