Book of Leaves

AutumnLeafHamburg BigBroadBeamingLeaf BlissMandala BlissSwirlingHeat
autumn leaf found on crosswalk in Hamburg big broad beaming beautiful leaf bliss-mandala beguiled by the convention of time bliss of the swirling heat
BombastLeaf ChewedOnLeaf CompanionLeaves CrysanthemumInLove
Bombast leaf with multiple points to make leaf somebody has chewed on companion leaves in a good mood crysanthemum in love.
CuriouslyBalancedLeaf GorgeousIntriguingLeaf GrandpaLeaf GreatBigYellowLeaf
curiously balanced leaf gorgeous, intriguing leaf grandpa leaf great big yellow leaf
GreensYellowsLeaf GuffawingLeaf GuffawingLeaf2 HeartbeatLeaf
very beautiful greens and yellows leaf guffawing leaf crawling on its belly like a reptile guffawing leaf heartbeat leaf
HugeLeaf JuiceballMandala LeafAfraidSupport LeafAtopTwoTwigs
living leaf from a houseplant juiceball mandala
with celebrating monster
leaf afraid its support will be taken away leaf atop two twigs
LeafBendingEar LeafBowedBack LeafBowedBack2 LeafContemplatingGreyhound
leaf bending its ear to listen to other leaf leaf with bowed back,
casting shadows
leaf with bowed back healthy, radiant, joyous leaf contemplating a trip by Greyhound
LeafCurdlingAndShriveling LeafDiamondNose LeafDreamsOfGoing LeafDressesToRight
leaf curdling and shriveling up in disgust leaf with a diamond in its nose leaf which dreams of going to Alaska leaf which dresses to the right
LeafDrowned LeafEffulgent LeafEvil LeafFallenDown
leaf drowned in heartbeats of rain leaf which I find effulgent and beautiful leaf which has fallen under an evil regime leaf which has fallen down and can't get up
LeafFeelingEmptiness LeafFlyingSquirrel LeafForTallBrother LeafHadIt
leaf with a feeling of emptiness in its stomach leaf with its arms up in the air leaf for my tall brother leaf which has really had it
LeafHavingABreakout LeafHelplesslyResemblingBat LeafHumpingLikeABat LeafIndividual
leaf having a breakout of whatever its personal disease is leaf which helplessly finds itself resembling a bat leaf humping along on its pinions like a bat even a leave is an individual
LeafInItsRuin LeafLaughing LeafLikeAHand LeafMandala
leaf which in its ruin is extremely beautiful leaf laughing all over the place leaf like a hand asking up into the sky leaf mandala
LeafMetMaker LeafNoTitle LeafOfTwoMinds LeafPerfectInImperfection
leaf which has already met its maker leaf which sadly has no name or title leaf which is of two minds about something leaf perfect in its imperfection
LeafRunOver LeafShouldHaveAnotherHalf LeafSmokersSkin LeafStaggeringAbout
leaf which has been run over leaf which you think should have another half leaf in its 70s with smokers' skin leaf staggering about looking for somewhere safe to lie down
LeafStretchySpine LeafSunDamaged LeafThinksItsPerfect LeafThreeGonads
leaf with a stretchy spine like a cat leaf with mature, sun-damaged skin leaf which thinks it is nearly perfect leaf with three gonads and broken stem
LeafWithBeard LeafWithBigBite LeafWithHandToEyes LeafWithMeasles
leaf with a long tobacco-stained beard leaf which feels just as i do this morning leaf with one hand to its eyes and the other stuck out leaf with measles
LeafWithoutAThought LeafWithSurrenderingAspect LeafWrySmile LeavesInHarmony
leaf which wants to just go turning downwards
and then lie face-up without a thought in its head
leaf with a surrendering aspect leaf with a wry, leftward quirk to its smile leaves in harmony
LongLeggedLeaf MandalaPineconeLeaf NoLeavesAreLost PinkedEdgeLeaf
long-legged leaf mandala of pinecone and leaf no leaves are lost pinked-edge leaf
RoundyEdgedLeaf SufficientUntoTheDayLeaves SweetLittleLeaf TwoOldLeaves
roundy-edged leaf whose shape addresses me sufficient unto the day are the leaves thereof he who is a sweet little leaf two old leaves comforting each other